A mailing list is a set of email addresses that can get one and the same email message at the same time. If an email is sent to the particular address associated with the mailing list, for example – newsletter@your-domain.com, it is redirected automatically to all the addresses that are included in that list. This feature will allow you to contact subscribers without effort, so you can send out bulletins or any other info on a regular basis to all of your customers. Depending on the application that is being used to administer the mailing list, addresses can be included manually by the list’s administrator or people have to subscribe, giving their consent to receive emails in the future. A mailing list will save you plenty of time and will enable you to keep in touch with your clients effortlessly, which can supercharge the popularity of your site.
Mailing Lists in Shared Hosting
If you make use of any of our shared plans and our email services in particular, you’ll be able to create a mailing list without effort or even have multiple mailing lists, if you wish to keep in touch with different groups of people and to send them different info. With only several clicks in the Email Manager part of the Hepsia Control Panel, you’ll be able to choose the email address which the emails will be sent from, as well as the admin address and password that you’ll use to administer different settings. We use Majordomo, one of the most widely used mailing list management software apps available on the marketplace, which will permit you to add/remove subscribers and to modify quite a few options regarding the mailing list subscribers and the email messages they get.
Mailing Lists in Semi-dedicated Servers
Every semi-dedicated server that we offer will enable you to set up as many electronic mailing lists as you like. It will take just several clicks of the mouse to set up a new mailing list from the Email Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which is included with the semi-dedicated server packages. You’ll only need to set up a new email address (mail@your-domain.com) where you’ll send your newsletters and set this address to be the one associated with your mailing list, so all newsletters sent to it will be re-sent automatically to all your subscribers. You can also pick an admin username/password that will allow you to manage a variety of options for each mailing list. The widespread Majordomo mailing list manager that we take advantage of is fully featured and you can swiftly add, delete or approve users, see a list of all active subscribers, etc. In case you no longer need a specific mailing list, you’ll be able to remove it with a single mouse click.